Best student paper award at IEEE Big Data 2016, Washington, DC, USA

Hariton Efstathiades, Demetris Antoniades, George Pallis, Marios D. Dikaiakos, Zoltán Szlávik, Robert-Jan Sips, for the paper,  Online Social Network Evolution: Revisiting the Twitter Graph.

Conference website IEEE Big Data 2016


Best paper award at 12th International Conference, ICSOC 2014, Paris, France, November 3-6, 2014

G. Copil and D. Trihinas and H.L Truong and D. Moldovan and G. Pallis and S. Dustdar and M. D. Dikaiakos, for the paper, "ADVISE -- a Framework for Evaluating Cloud Service Elasticity Behavior". In Service-Oriented Computing.  Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 8831, Springer, 2014, pp. 275-290.

Conference website 12th International Conference (ISOC 2014)


Best demonstration award at CoreGRID Industrial Conference, Sophia-Antipolis, Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2006

D. Zeinalipour-Yazti, H. Gjermundrod, M. D. Dikaiakos, G. Panayi and Th. Kyprianou, for the paper, "ICGrid: Intensive Care Grid.”